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Our learn to play program will be run by  Mike Sikora will be leading our program for us. Mike brings years of experience of playing and teaching the game of Ball hockey.  Mike's many years of playing ball hockey at an Elite level and being part of many Ontario and national championship teams will help improve the players knowledge and show them how much fun the game is to play.

TIME             DRILL
0-5 MIN        WARM-UP
5--30 MIN      4 STATION DRILL

We break up the 4 teams and have them rotate through the 4 stations.
Each drill station is set up in the different corners of the playing surface.

STATION 1 Running without the ball
Frontwards, Backwards, Sideways and around the face-off circle (Cutting)
Skills to be taught; Safety (keep sticks on the floor) balance (proper running technique)

STATION 2 Shooting
Wrist Shot and Backhand (shooting)
Skills to be taught; Safety (Control of Stick) weight distribution balance.

STATION 3 Passing
Forward and Backhand
Skills to be taught; Safety (Control of Stick) Head up (proper passing technique)

STATION 4 Stick Handling
Stickhandling thru pylons
Skill to be taught: Safety (Control of Stick) Head up (proper stick handling technique)

Mini-Games for 20 min
We Set up the Playing Surface sideways into 2 Mini games. 
5 players a side with changes every 2-3 minutes.